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Who am I?

Joost Kircz

The right question to your solution

Born in Amsterdam, and still living there, I started my studies at the Amsterdam University.

After a university research career in molecular physics (Amsterdam and Utrecht), I joined the scientific publishing industry. During 16 years at Elsevier Science, I held various positions, including that of publisher of the distinguished physics programme (published under the North-Holland imprint).

From the start of my publishing career, I was engaged in the design and implementation of electronic publishing experiments and products. Fully in harmony with the development of my professional activities as a publisher, I developed a scientific research programme on the issue of a better understanding of scientific communications per se. This resulted in project leadership of the "Communication in Physics" programme of the Foundation Physica, hosted at the Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute of the University of Amsterdam. I was guest scientist at this institute June 1997 till March 2004. I have also been affiliated as senior scientist with the Intelligent System Laboratory Amsterdam (ISLA). This collaborative initiative entailed two PhD studies (see projects), one in text structuring and one in image recognition in the biomedical sciences. As from April 2004 till the end of 2013 Iwas visiting scientist at the Information and Language Processing Systems Group of the University of Amsterdam.

On July 1, 1998, I started Kircz Research Amsterdam (KRA), an independent research and consultancy company in Publishing Research.

Between January 1st, 2003 and December 31st I was part-time Scientific Information Specialist at the University Library of the Erasmus University Rotterdam for Semantic Web based projects (see also projects).

As from July 1st 2006 till July 2010 I was part-time Lector (research professor) Electronic Publishing at the Faculty Media, Creation and Informationtituteof the Hogenschool van Amsterdam (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam). This postion was followed by being programme leader of Electronic Publishing research.

Jury of the Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation prize for a thesis in Book Science
(2010 member, 2011, 2012 chairman).


Political work and community services

I am active socialist, as from the late 1960's. I've been a member of a series of organizations and editorial boards.

For a short write up (1991) see my contribution to the book ' Alles moest anders" and my review of that anthology, both in Dutch.

As from 1982 - 2019, I was a board and staff member of the International Instutute for Research and Education, founded by the famous Marxist economist Ernest Mandel.

From 1998 until 2010, I was involved in the local radical party Amsterdam Anders. From 2004 till 2010 as chairman of the parliamentary fraction in the central Amsterdam borough. The ever relevant central slogan of this group was Do it differently, Do it yourself (Doe het anders, Doe het zelf).

As from 2019, board member of the Foundation Socialistisch Onderzoekscollectief _SOC21 (Socialist Research Collective) / Bilingual website

As from 2022 , Co-editor of the journal Marxism & Sciences




For an overview of E-projects go to projects

For a full list of publications and presentations in the field of knowledge transfer go to publications

Other activities:

Co-Supervisor (promotor) PhD projects:
- Dr. Frédérique Harmsze. A modular structure for scientific articles in an electronic environment. Universiteit van Amsterdam. 9 February 2000.
Available via:
- Maarten C. van der Tol. The Abstract in an Electronic Publishing Environment (Tentative title) On Ice.
- Dr. Caterina Caracciolo. Topic Driven Access to Scientific Handbooks Universiteit van Amsterdam 25 April 2008. Available via:

- Katja-Hofmann. PhD study. Content-Based Literature Search Using Knowledge and Structure. Project at the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at the Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam. May 28, 2013.

Examination Commissions:
- Dr. Stijn van Dongen. PhD dissertation: Graph Clustering by flow simulation. Universiteit Utrecht 29 May 2000.
- Drs. Jon Ragetli. Master of Logic title: Towards Concept-based Structuring of Electronic Scientific Information. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam 27 June 2001.
- Drs. Maarten van Schie. Master Computer Science. Master Thesis: Using Semantic Web Technology for Electronic Publishing. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 17 December 2003.
- Dr. Börkur Sigurbjörnsson. PhD dissertation: Focussed Information Access using XML Element Retrieval. Universiteit van Amsterdam, 14 December 2006.
Available via

Member Jury master thesis prize on Book studies of the Tiele Foundation (2010-2012)

Member of the EU DG-Research Expert Group on: Strategic Use and Adaptation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Systems in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)- based Research. 2003. See publications reports.

Member of the Regional Advice Committee of the Information Services and Management School (MIM) of the "Hogeschool van Amsterdam" (1997-2005).

Member Congress Committee "Dag van het Document" (1999-2002)

Advisor to Academic Organisations, Publishing Houses (e.g. Elsevier and Springer) and Academic Libraries


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